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Our Honourable Shri. Bandu Khandve and family are the Founders of ‘Jagadguru International School’ and a great devotee of Sant Tukaram Maharaj. Shri Gulabrao Eshwara Khandve had 5 sons i.e. Shri. Shahaji Khandve, Shri. Devram Khandve, Late. Chandrakant Khandve, Shri. Dattaraya Khandve and Shri. Vijay Khandve. Shri Gulabrao Eshwara Khandve, being uneducated he educated each one of them and made them face the world with great pride. So his sons and grandsons decided in memory of Shri Gulabrao Eshwara Khandve established a small educational firm as a service to our society in Lohegaon by following the inspirational paths and knowledge shared by Jagadguru Sant Tukaram Maharaj. An educational platform for the masses was a dream of Shri Gulabrao Eshwara Khandve, So Shri. Bandu Khandve and his family brought his grandfather’s dream into reality by inaugurating ‘JADAGDURU INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL’.

Our Shri. Bandu Khandve and his family has a positive values in their life that includes solving problems, enhancing well-being, human rights, social justice, empowerment, social change and liberation that focuses on people of all ages. Shri Bandu Khandve and his family are the most composed members of our society who advises that professionalism is the guideline to lead a successful life.

Shri Bandu Shahaji Khandve
Chairman & Managing Director

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