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School education has been a subject very close to my heart. ‘Education for all’ has been my dream. Teachers, to me, have been the conduits to change the society and the nation for the better. The poor, the rich, the bright or the mediocre, all are equal to me. All my 25 Years of experience in the field of Research, Education and Administration is commitment towards giving best education to our children and to enlighten every stratum of society and every student of any level.

We have started this School with a view to provide excellent education to our students in a propitious environment. In our schools our endeavour is to develop the students not only as expert of Knowledge but also as responsible citizens. We provide our students all the facilities to realize their artistic, literary, and other potentials.

Jagadguru International School (JIS, PUNE) emphasizes the importance of ‘Learning by Doing’. We believe learning should be interesting and practical. We intend to draw out and nurture their natural abilities, be it artistic, scientific or linguistic. A strong emphasis on holistic growth is emphasized with subjects like Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Theatre, Sports, Music, Dance and numerous internal and external competitions we provide.

We are the kind of School that believes in empowering our students and teachers with state of the art technology, be it through interactive smart classes or innovative language labs. We also emphasize a great deal on Safety and Security.

I am continuously monitoring the progress of this school. I want this school to be one of the best schools not only in our City but across the State and country. I do hope and I am sure the Principal and the faculty of the school will not spare any effort to bring my dream into reality. My best wishes to the students and the faculty members for a bright future of this school.

Prof. (Dr.) Ravi K. Nath
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