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The Covid-19 pandemic has had lasting harrowing effects on the schooling system. Millions of children faced disruption in their studies and have cost their future amidst this pandemic. As online classes have taken by swirl, this convenience comes with a cost. The screen divide, technology issues, shallow attention span, and isolation are a few elements that make learning and teaching less effective. As the opening of Educational Institutes is in talks, the Jagadguru International School, which is the best International school in Lohegaon, with careful consideration has revamped and well thought about the issue of social distancing when schools are ready to open its doors.

Before starting the academic calendar, assessing the current situation, the rate of transmission will be assessed.

To avoid the mass spread of Covid-19 and keep students and teachers’ well-being and health in mind.

This best school in Lohegaon thinks these measures will adhere to the protocol of social distancing and will help in building a safe learning environment and school spaces:

  • Mass Testing of students and teaching faculty, mandatory use of masks should be a rule
  • Checking and regulating all necessary resources are intact to lower the contraction of the virus among school personnel and children.
  • Practicing Hygiene should be a priority; Installation of sanitization stands should be around the campus
  • Measures like 1 meter of space between desks, curbing on compulsory attendance rule, an alternate batch call will help maintain systems
  • School should advise parents and students to refrain from coming to school premises on account of showing even the slightest Covid-19 symptom
  • Outdoor activities like sports game etc.; Lunch Breaks, and Short breaks should be controlled for avoiding the accumulation of big crowds
  • School should actively sanitize and maintain cleanliness at all time

The Jagadguru International School, a CBSE School in Lohegaon, has vouched to make school a safe and virus-free environment for healthy learning and holistic development.

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