yoga day event in international school in Lohegaon, Pune

On this International Day of Yoga – 21st  June 2021, Jagadguru International School, Lohegaon, Pune promoted & Celebrated Yoga Day for the significance of Yoga and meditation to decrease developing pressure among students.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic circumstances, the school started and coordinated Yoga by VIRTUAL Method.

Yoga meetings were led by our teacher Mr. Jambuvant Vasekar sir, where participants investigated the delight of doing Yoga and figured out how to perform basic asanas that should be possible effectively by even the little ones.

The school invited teachers in school and parents and students were on Online meetings to learn yoga and essential asanas that can be performed effectively anywhere. The fundamental motto of this camp was to instruct everybody about how to adjust to physical and mental pressure, the camp effectively produced revenue among students to learn yoga and have a good time all the while.

This year, CBSE additionally presented Yoga as an elective subject in the educational plan with a means to show understudies a method of living that aids in fostering a sound brain and body. To additional this point, each of the faculty of JIS, Pune led extraordinary drives to observe celebrate International Yoga Day in a special way.

A large number of students, educators, and guardians participate to perform different yoga presents under the instructor. Diverse yoga stances like Pranayama, Surya Namaskar, and so on were illustrated. The students were likewise educated about the particular advantages of different asanas, pranayama, and reflection, and how to perform them.

The energy and Excitement of the students were prominent on-screen as they equipped to celebrate the International Day of Yoga. Even though students celebrate this Virtual celebration, but it was a very impressive and motivating session made by everyone.

Everybody was urged to rehearse yoga to stay fit and improve focus.

To be sure, Yoga Day was a memorable event and a tremendous achievement!