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Class 1st to 8th timings -8 am to 2:30 pm. Second & Fourth Saturday of every month will be a holiday

Jagadguru International School

(Govt. Apro. No. SFS1019/pra.kra.619/SM-2-2019 Proposed CBSE)

Our holistic approach brings out the best in each child.

Jagadguru International School, under the aegis of the “Shri Gulab Rao khandve Education Foundation” Society stands nestled in the beautiful historic city of Pune surrounded by Hills glistening waters of lakes. Housing and catering to the needs of more than 1000 students in its sprawling campus land area of 2 plus acres, the school takes care to rear up every single student as a responsible and committed citizen of the country.

The medium of instruction is English. The subjects taught are English, Hindi, Sanskrit, German, Mathematics, General Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History & Civics, Geography and Computer Science.

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Dedicated teachers combine proven traditional methods with the latest in technology and innovation. Our teachers are experienced educators who are just as comfortable writing on a chalkboard as they are navigating a Smart Board. Shri Jagadguru International is at the forefront of educational innovation our classes are examples of inspired learning in independent schools.

  • International focus

  • People not profits


Jagadguru International School offers a curriculum that is traditional in its roots yet innovative in its approach, designed to spark intellectual curiosity while creating confident young leaders ready to embrace the challenges they will face as citizens of the 21st century. Smart by design and approach, the school maintains a low student-teacher ratio. The program includes a purposeful blend of core academics, foreign language, performing and fine arts, athletics, community service, environmental stewardship, and character education. Bus transportation, extended day programs, and tuition assistance are available.

Children learn in different ways at different times. Our talented faculty is adept at challenging each child within the context of a group lesson. We meet children where they are and help them move forward as they are developmentally and academically ready.
The mission of the Jagadguru International is to create a community for learning, where students, parents and staff are joined in the pursuit of academic excellence and personal growth in a caring environment. We seek to develop each student’s full potential through a challenging curriculum, a diversified faculty, and a commitment to intellectual freedom. We will teach basic skills, foster creative and critical thinking, and provide a foundation for life-long learning. We will nourish our students’ emotional lives and guide their social development, instilling in them an appreciation of self-worth, of individual difference, and of global interdependence. We will help them learn how to manage freedom and to act ethically so that each may become a responsible, contributing member of society.

We aim to be a premier global educational institution which develops the human resource for our dynamic and expanding community, the state, the nation, the region and the world at large. Through our institutions, we will cultivate all round development of qualities in a student.

The administration, faculty, staff and Board of Trustees of the Jagadguru International are committed to providing academic excellence to enhance previous student knowledge, as well as to prepare students for future studies. The opportunity to attend Jagadguru International is a privilege, and each student can make the most of this experience by being dedicated to the academic programs. Graduates of Jagadguru International have experienced a well-defined curriculum based upon academic standards fostering both academic discipline and honesty. All students live in residence to fully participate in this scholastic program of excellence with students who share similar interests. The nurturing of this educational community – the integration of the academic and residential components – is crucial to success at Jagadguru International. Students are responsible for taking advantage of the academic and extra-curricular pursuits available at Jagadguru International and for supporting community members in both their academic and personal development.


Dedicated teachers combine proven traditional methods with the latest in technology and innovation.


Lifetime skills – respect, team work, conflict resolution, sharing, handling success and failure, decision making.

Interactive Club

Preparing your child for a globalised world.

Teaching Methodology

Jagadguru International School Providing children with the skill and knowledge to thrive in a 21st-century society.

Examination System

Jagadguru International School Radically improved examination system focusing on concepts rather than theory.

Sports Achievement

Discovering, polishing skills and leading them to the ultimate goals.


Jagadguru International School envisions the student as a whole person blessed with talents from the almighty God. Our commitment is to cultivate these talents in a moral character-building environment and to provide you with experiences in academics.

Creative Activity

Creative Activities that are truly global as well as culturally-relevant and personalized to the needs of every child.

Virtual school program

Excellent communication and a variety of assessment and monitoring tools.


Jagadguru International School, under the aegis of the “Shri Gulab Rao khandve Education Foundation” Society, stands nestled in the beautiful historic city of Pune surrounded by Hills glistening waters of lakes.



Our entire community lives the school’s creed, “Be Kind. Be Fair. Be Responsible.” In countless small moments throughout each day, our students, faculty, and staff take care of each other and our community. Time spent at Jagadguru International School breeds character – the kind of character that stays with a child for a lifetime.

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Our Challenging Curriculum Brings Out The Most in Every Child

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