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Dandiya Celebration in JIS Lohegoan, Pune


The students and teachers at Jagadguru International School have come together to celebrate the Dandiya Celebration with Garba songs. Dussera is celebrated to symbolize the triumph of good over evil. Dandiya and Garba are dance forms traditionally performed only in the state of Gujurat, but now they are performed all over India. The students of Jagadguru International School were asked to dress up in traditional clothes. The songs of Dandiya were put on for the students, along with the teachers, to sway to the rhythm of the music. In Jagadguru International School's "Dandiya Raas," students of all grades participated with great [...]

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Things to look for while choosing a good CBSE school


CBSE, one of the most popular education modes in India, follows the NCERT curriculum. This mode of education focuses on providing a holistic approach to education all over the country. In India, many schools opt for the CBSE learning system, and it is pretty easy to find a CBSE School in Lohegaon. Parents prefer to admit their children to a CBSE school, but searching for the best CBSE School, needs to consider the following factors. Confirm affiliation: Parents need to be extremely careful while selecting a school for their kids. The Best International School in Lohegaon is affiliated [...]

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How Does Physical Activity Affect Academic Performance?


We need to remain active to maintain a good physique and health. Similarly, education is important for securing one’s career in the future; thus, both should go hand in hand. Jagadguru International School in Pune is one of the best International schools in Lohegaon, which gives equal importance to academics and physical fitness. According to a survey, students who indulge in a variety of physical exercises tend to score well in academics. Physical activities not only refrain students from being obese but also influences their cognitive skill and develops concentration. It is scientifically proven that due to physical activities, there [...]

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